CPR CS900 3G Cell Phone
CPR CS900 3G Cell Phone
CPR CS900 3G Cell Phone

CPR CS900 Call Blocking Cell Phone

The CS900 Mobile is a retro designed flip phone for consumer who want an easy to use mobile with a built in block now button to stop those pesky nuisance callers. With an SOS button incase of an emergency, giving you peace and reassurance.

  • Call blocking technology
  • Large easy to use buttons & screen
  • SOS instant emergency assist button
  • Camera / LED Torch
  • FM Radio / MP3 Player
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CPR CS900 3G Cell Phone


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Our latest product Introducing call Blocking technology into the mobile world

The only big button phone in the world with a block now button to stop robocalls.

SOS emergency assist button will activate an alarm and send a text to 5 pre-programmed number saying (emergency call me).

SIM free mobile - works on GSM network (Rogers Communications) or simply transfer your existing SIM card.

 3 Year Warranty

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CS900 Retro Flip Phone

Why The CS900?

Because it delivers that easy to use retro design with unique features

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SOS Assistance Button

  • Call for help in case of the emergency
  • 5 emergency contacts
  • Emergency Message/Alert
  • ICE Setting
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Call Blocking

Integrated with CPR Call Blocking technology, giving you the ability to block robocalls at the touch of a button.

The quickest way to block calls is by using the big red BLOCK NOW button on the telephone keypad. This will disconnect the call and add that caller to the Black List.

  • Integrated Call Blocking Technology
  • Pre-loaded with CPR's top scam number
  • Unique 'Block Now' Button with 900 number blocking capacity
  • Whitelist mode to allow only trusted contracts to be able to call the phone.
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External Display

  • Answer Calls without opening the phone
  • See who's calling
  • See who's calling with contact picture(saved)
  • See Time and Date
  • Messages/Calls/Tasks/Alarm Remind
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Cradle Charger

  • Easy to charge
  • Convenience
  • Looks good on the desk
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Flashlight with Quick Switch 

Easy to use with quick switch(right side)
Physical button long press to turn on/off
High brightness Torch up to 50-100 meters
Better for Night activities for elderly

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GSM Unlocked Cell Phone

What is an unlocked GSM phone? An unlocked phone is a device that is not bound to any carrier or plan. It allows you to choose your phone first and your carrier second(Select Prepaid plan). Upon selecting a prepaid plan, simply insert the carrier's SIM card into the phone and you're ready to go.

How do I set up my unlocked phone? The first thing you’ll need is a Prepaid SIM card for your desired GSM carrier. When activated, the SIM card will let your phone connect to your GSM carrier’s network.

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Big Buttons w/ Speed Dial

  • Big, Clear and Backlit Keypad
  • Made by environmental rubber, Better typing feeling
  • M1/M2 Speed dial button support quick dial
  • #2 - #9 number buttons can be set as family quick dial button
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Big Font & Big Icons

  • Increased font size
  • Designed senior friendly user interface
  • Easy to use Operating system
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Volume Boost

  • Ideal for the customers with poor hearing
  • Powerful speaker ensures every conversation is loud and clear.

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What do our customers say?

Find out what features our customers find most useful

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A "must" to block Robocalls.

Bill Elliott

This is the cell phone I've been waiting for. As, a teacher, I hear my students tell me of all the Robocalls they get.

This phone seemed to be an excellent solution, and on the first day, it blocked one. I highly recommend this phone.

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88 year-old Father Happy

AG - Texas

Bought this for my 88 year-old father who does not believe in "smart" phones. There were some hiccups setting it up, but customer support was helpful.

Note: Customer support is only available during specific times

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A perfect phone for technophobes

Francis Tapon 

When you touch the keypad, the phone speaks the number out loud. This gives a double confirmation. So when you push the number 5, you not only see the number 5 pop up on the display, but you also hear the phone saying the number 5. For senior citizens, this is useful.

The way the SOS feature works is simple, but probably too complicated for somebody who is technophobic. You have to program in up to 5 phone numbers that you want it to SMS and then call in case of an emergency.

For example, you can program your son's number, your daughter's number, the hospital, and 911. When you have an emergency, you press the SOS button on the back of the phone, and it sends an SMS to all of the program numbers. And then it starts calling them one by one. The SMS that it sends is customizable. The default message is that you are having an emergency and that you need help.

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